About Rick Lingo

Rick Lingo

Rick Lingo is a twenty-four time international award winning photographer.  One photo, “Busy Bee,” won the Photobug  Signs of Spring contest.  “Angled Bowl”, “Ecola State Park”  and “Dunes” won separate Judges’ Awards on the international website Pixoto. “Angelic Kitty” was the Staff Winter Selection and both “Bay at Sunrise” and “The Strip” were Peoples’ Choice winners on the international website ViewBug.  At Photocrowd, “Duck” and “Riding the Wave” individually received Judge Commendations.

Rick also shot the cover of Creative Voices magazine as well as contributed photos for three editions.  “Spring Grove” serves as the cover photo for the poetry book, “Green and Dying,” by author, poet, playwright Teri Foltz. Six of his shots, among them “Court Street” and “Suspension Bridge at Sunset”, serve as decoration for the office of the Renaissance Apartments in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

Rick retired after teaching for thirty-one years. Since then he’s traveled to every continent, and he has the pictures to prove it.

Rick first picked-up a point-and-shoot in early 2013.  His early work used this camera.  In March, 2014, he purchased his first basic DSLR, then later added several specialty lenses and another more advanced DSLR.  He uses Lightroom and Photoshop to process the photos.

Although many of his photographs are landscapes, he loves capturing the small and unique as well as the large.  He enjoys showing his work. Three photos recently were presented in the annual Montgomery Photo Exhibition, while others have been exhibited at Mapleknoll and Christ Church Cathedral.  “After the Storm” recently received Honorable Mention at the Middletown Arts Center Photography Exhibition.  He has won “Picture of the Day” dozens of times at the specialty website capturecincinnati.com.

Enjoy the photos.  I have enjoyed taking them.